Team of Epsom Removals

Here at Epsom Removals, we are very proud of the team we have built over the years. From the very first day we started, we said that we wanted to have only the best in the business working for us, and we’re happy to say we have achieved that. Here you will learn more about the proud team of Epsom Removals.

Our team members were selected so then we have every aspect of the removals process covered. We have some of the best drivers in the business so then we can get your belongings to their destinations safely. We also have packing specialist who can keep your items save and secure, while our team of removers ensure that your living area is kept spotless.

We treat every single removals job we get as an individual case, and we take into account everything you want so then we can provide the right service for you. Our team of removal experts share our desire to create a personal experience for you, and they are looking to provide you with what you need every step of the way. Let’s introduce you to the team of Epsom Removals.


pawel - Team of Epsom Removals

Pawel – Removals Supervisor

Pawel is our resident removals expert. Whenever you call us and ask for an estimate, Pawel is the one who will visit your home and come up with an estimate based on the items you want moving. He will also sit down with you and come up with a removals plan based on what you want and when you want it done. Pawel is committed to providing the very best service for our customers, and he gives all of our staff specific instructions based on our customer’s needs.


Larisa Epsom RemovalsLarisa – Office Assistant

When everyone else is out or busy on a removal job, then Larisa is on hand in the office. There is no need to worry about catching us when we are in the middle of a job. Larisa is always on hand to talk to potential customers and help guide you through the process of organising your impending move.



mateusz packing specialist - Team of Epsom RemovalsMateusz – Packing Specialist

Mateusz has been with the business since the very first day and he has been providing a high quality packing service ever since. He is an expert at packing your fragile items so then they are able to reach their destination without a single mark on them.



Simony Epsom RemovalsSimony – Packing Assistant

Simony has been working with Mateusz for the past few years assisted him with packing. She is a natural when it comes to labelling and storing items safely. She prides herself in her organisation and keeping a close eye on all the items that she has packed.



mariusz customer service manager from epsom removalsMariusz– Customer Service Manager

Having worked in customer service since he left school, Mariusz has all the expertise necessary to help get customers what they want. Mariusz prides herself on having an open door when it comes to her customers, and she tries to be on hand at all times to help them with whatever they need.



customer service assistant tomaszThomasz – Customer Service Assistant

Whenever your removal is in progress and you want to talk to someone about the service that is being provided, Thomasz is the one you call. He is always on hand for customers during the removal process, and he is happy to deal with any problems you may have.



Clever Epsom RemovalsClever – Service Coordinator

When it comes to keeping all of our drivers and vehicles organised, Clever is one of the best in the business. No matter where our drivers or vehicles will be, he will know where they are and is able to direct them to where they are needed whenever it is necessary.


slawek customer service assistant from epsom removalsSlawek – Driver

Slawek has worked in food deliver in and around Epsom for the last eight years, so no one knows the roads better than him. No matter what time of day it is, Slawek knows which roads to take so then you are able to get your belongings to your destination safely and as quickly as possible.

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