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Things you must know before you move in to Epsom or Ewell. Analysis of local house prices and the pros and cons with living in Epsom house-share.

How the housing shortage in Epsom can affect you?

It was reported back in March 2013 in an article on the This is London website, that the housing shortage in Epsom was so bad that even homeless pregnant women were being forced out of the area, by the lack of any suitable accommodation in Epsom. With nearby Croydon being their most likely destination of the homeless pregnant women, this raised consternation among Croydon residents due to there also being a distinct shortage of housing there. In the aforementioned article, Epsom...
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Living in Epsom review – the pros and cons of living in a houseshare

Considering the housing shortage that is plaguing Epsom and indeed the whole of the South-East, it is perhaps no wonder that an increasing number of people are beginning to search for more affordable housing options. In the midst of the housing bubble in which house prices continue to rise at an alarming rate, the fact is that the majority of people are financial muscle to buy, or even renting their own place, with the average house price in the area being £285,000, and the average rent...
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Epsom Housing Market – your chances of getting on the property ladder in Epsom

According to the 2011 Census, the borough has a population of 75,200. The population is split more or less equally in terms of gender, with the 36,500 males comprising 48.5%, and the 38,700 females comprising 51.5%. There are 29,800 households in the borough, with an average of 2.49 people per household. In terms of ethnicity, White British comprise the largest percentage of the resident population in the whole of Surrey, with 79%. Of all the 11 boroughs and districts in Surrey, Epsom & Ewell has the...
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