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Epsom Hiking

Have you ever fancied joining the group of walking or cycling enthusiasts for trips around Epsom and Ewell? Epsom hiking is a lot of fun, and it’s increasingly popular among both locals and tourists alike. There are a whole range of companies offering these brilliant experiences. You can enjoy the beauty of the borough on a range of routes of varying sizes. Small hikes are typically around 3-5 miles, while longer routes can be over 20! Whether you want to hike alone or do it with other people who share the same interest, there’s an option for you.

Round the Borough Hike and Bike

The Round the Borough Hike and Bike is an off-road route approximately 20 miles long. Visit areas such as Epsom Downs, Nonsuch Park, and Horton Country Park. The route builds on the London 2012 Olympic route. It is marked with discs and can be completed at any time of the year. You’ll want an off-road bicycle and a helmet for safety.

It is free to take part in and the next event is scheduled to take place on Sunday 10th May 2020. You can register here.

To view the maps of the planned trips please visit the Round the Borough Hike and Bike website.
For more information email: or call the council on 01372 732000.

 Other Hikes

If you prefer to do your own thing, there are a whole host of other hikes. You can find out more information on some of the websites listed below.

Map My Hike provides satellite maps of routes of varying size.

Ewell Borough Council lists a range of health and museum walks.

Walking England also has a range of hikes on offer, with detailed information on each.

By using the resources here, we’re sure you’ll be out hiking in no time. Get out and do it!