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Packaging Supplies Epsom

At Epsom Removals, we supply boxes made from high quality new or recycled material. They are strong, durable, and best of all, inexpensive! Yes, you read that right. 

Our packing boxes are available for approximately half the price of retail stores. 

We also offer a host of other packing materials at knock-down prices. All included in your quote.

All the Packing Materials You Need

We are able to do this for you because we have a lot of excess packaging materials. Not only boxes, but also heavy-duty bubble wrap, shrink wrap, and even removal blankets at our depot. What better than to supply premium quality boxes at ridiculously low prices. That sounds like a great deal for both you and for us. These boxes are so durable that if you treat them properly, they can be used again and again. When they are finally ready to be disposed of, you can choose to do your bit for the environment and recycle them.

At Epsom Removals, we offer a choice of different boxes from ordinary single cardboard, to double-skinned cardboard. A benefit of cardboard boxes over plastic is that they protect goods on the inside and out. This is great for fragile items or items that could be scratched by the use of plastic. Another benefit of cardboard is that it is relatively cost-effective and in many ways better for the environment.

Whatever the material, boxes provide absolutely vital protection for fragile items. This includes glassware, china, computers, and other fragile electronic goods. As long as these items are packed carefully, your valuables will remain safe.

We also have boxes in a range of different sizes and shapes. From small boxes to accommodate small loose items to larger wardrobe boxes that are double-walled for extra strength.

Packaging Sourced Locally

We source our packaging materials locally from trusted suppliers who are based either in Epsom or very close-by. That means we can be certain of the quality of the materials at all times. It also means we can keep costs down because delivery times are greatly reduced. Of course, local sourcing is also preferable because it helps to build the local economy, as well as helping to form close community ties with both individuals and businesses in the Epsom area.