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Furniture Assembly Epsom

If you’re moving home or relocating your business to a new office or premises in the Epsom area, we at Epsom Removals offer to dismantle your furniture in preparation for the move either as part of our removal service, for which there will be absolutely no charge or as part of our standalone packing service.

Epsom Removals staff can then professionally reassemble it for you at your new address.

We equip our highly-trained removal team with all the tools necessary to dismantle and assemble your furniture. That includes electric screwdrivers which allow us to perform the task quickly. We usually only dismantle furniture that is too large to move through the doorway. Beds and wardrobes typically need to be dismantled, although wardrobe boxes are available if required.


Protecting Your Items

When we unload your furniture our team can reconnect and assembly any furniture or appliances. We can also arrange more fiddly jobs such as the removal and reinstatement of TV wall brackets on request. We will need a complete list of the furniture that is due to be moved. This will allow us to work out which tools we need and estimate the time needed for the job.

The time taken will depend on the amount of furniture that we need to dismantle. We also take into account other factors such as the fragility, value, size of the items. As every member of the Epsom Removals team is a trained professional, we have all of the training and experience necessary to make quick work of the task at hand. Wardrobes and bed frames can easily be scratched. But our expertise will help us to prevent this. In addition, we are fully insured for your protection in the unlikely event that any of your items are damaged or lost.

Perhaps best of all is the fact that we offer this service completely FREE of charge! We will begin the process of dismantling furniture on the day prior to the move, although if this is not convenient we can arrange to undertake the task at another time and date that is convenient for you. To discuss your requirements for dismantling/reassembly, get in touch with Epsom Removals today!