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House Removals Epsom

As a local firm, we value our relationship with our customers over everything else. It’s a source of great pride that we are able to offer high-quality removal service at the lowest possible cost. At Epsom Removals, we value honesty, integrity and fairness above everything in our business dealings. Therefore, we do everything within our power to offer great service at fair prices.

How are we able to do this? Well, in terms of great service, we fully train our staff in everything that is required. They all have the necessary heavy lifting and organisational skills.

But, they are also polite and respectful to our customers at all times. That’s what we call good old-fashioned customer service.

Value for Money

In terms of providing value for money, there are many ways we do this. Firstly, the fact that we are a local firm serving local customers in the Epsom area means that it takes much less time to travel to your property than it would other removal firms coming from another part of London. We, therefore, charge less for the time and fuel it takes to get to you.

Packing Service

Next, we strive to help keep your spending down by offering an efficient packing service to help with your move – service we offer to both local businesses and to individuals in the Epsom area. Upon request, we will gladly provide packaging materials, including protective padding provided for wrapping up fragile items – and pack them up for you at low cost. This will ensure that your valuables remain very safe during the move, as well as allowing to relax in the knowledge that your possessions are in safe hands.

We Give You Some of Our Time for Free

Like many of you, we are shocked by the excessive prices that many other companies charge for packaging materials these days. Made from recycled cardboard, our boxes are of the highest quality, yet we offer them at around half the price you could expect to pay elsewhere.

We Sell Boxes at Half Price

This is not all. Not content with offering our removal services at the lowest possible prices, we also help to keep your costs down even further by offering our time for FREE. Yes, that right – free! For absolutely no extra charge, we offer to dismantle your heavier items of furniture at your current location, before reassembling them at your new property.

This process will greatly reduce the chance of your possessions being damaged. It also reduces the amount of space needed in our removal trucks. That means we can perform the job in fewer trips, thereby saving you money. We’re pretty sure that for the level of service and expertise we offer, you won’t find a better deal on removal anywhere else in the Epsom area.