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Office Removals Epsom

We designed Office Removals Epsom to ensure the stressful job of moving is as painless as possible. We always try to minimise disruption to the day-to-day running of your business.

Taking the Strain Out of Moving

We are a busy firm ourselves, so we know that disruption is bad for business. We know how frustrating it can be to have day-to-day operations disrupted due to circumstances beyond our control.

This is why we create a detailed plan for every single stage of the removal process. We brief every member of the Epsom Removals team on what they do. They know how they are going to do it and why they are doing it. This allows us to complete the task with maximum efficiency.

Having been in the removal business for a number of years, we have become very good at what we do. Just like you must be to run your business the way that you do. Experience has shown us the startling differences between domestic and commercial removal.

Indeed, the nature of commercial removal requires us to work around the schedules of others. At the same time we, remain sensitive to the schedules of businesses nearby, as well as requiring us to prepare for the removal of larger, heavier furniture, as well as more of it. With this in mind, we have set out the Epsom Removals Guidelines for Commercial Removal to ensure every office move is undertaken with the same degree of military-level precision.


We Work to Strict Guidelines

These guidelines include standard procedures like itemised billing to ensure that transparency in terms of cost, with the standards, set out by HMRC adhered to at all times and all information recorded for the reference of both your business and Epsom Removals, with all removal subject to full asset insurance.

In addition to these standard procedures, efficiency is at the core of what we do. As previously stated, our expertise, coupled with the almost military-level planning ensures that we undertake commercial removal in the fastest possible time to ensure minimal disruption to your firm. We will create a detailed plan of the layout of your new premises as well as the contents of your old premises. This means we can ensure that all items of furniture arrive in a way that suits the needs of your business.


Fast, Efficient Service

It is not unusual for the Epsom Removals team to move an entire office in time for business opening the next day. Obviously, such productivity requires a great deal of coordination and teamwork to take place after everything has been thoroughly planned out and Epsom Removals staff arrive ready to work. Efficiency is the essence of our commercial removal strategy because after all, as the saying goes, time is money.


Care and Attention Every Time

All items are wrapped and packed properly to prevent damage and loss to furniture and to important documents. If required, we will dismantle your office furniture before reassembling it at your new premises. We pack all pieces safely and securely within our removal vans to save space. This means we might need fewer trips or an even a smaller van, so we can save your business money.

Why do we put so much care and attention into our commercial removal service? Because we want to form co-operative relationships with businesses within the Epsom area. But also because we want to provide a level of service that we would expect ourselves.

To discuss the requirements for your requirements, please contact Epsom Removals now!